About Me


I originally became interested in programming after purchasing a copy of Minecraft (I know, I know... bear with me). I had found out about modified servers that allowed developers to create custom content, and after a few months of playing online, I decided that I wanted to be able to implement my own ideas in-game, and thus I began learning to code. After being a productive moderator on one of said servers for a while, I was promoted, filling a vacant administrative position. I am now currently responsible for maintaining the forum and the game server itself, both of which contain plenty of my own custom code/content.

Since then I have expanded my repertoire to a few different programming languages, including those involved in web development. A partial list of projects that I have worked on can be found under the Projects tab above. The rest are private projects that, for reasons related to security/competition, won't be made public. That said, my latest has been a bot (node.js/JavaScript) for Discord (Skype-like program that is popular amongst gamers) that provides useful information about the minecraft server to players, ranging from alerts that let them know when the server goes offline/online, to information about who is online, what the IP address is, etc.


I began my musical 'career' as early as kindergarten, where I took piano lessons until I was in third grade. I then picked up the tenor saxophone in middle school after joining the school's concert band, which I continued playing until the end of high school. During my time in band, I also had the opportunity to acquire a few other instruments, which I have since learned to play.

My current instrumental repertoire includes, but is not limited to, the saxophone (alto, tenor, bari), baritone/euphonium, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, piano, banjo, and the guitar. As you can probably tell, I love playing music.

To be continued...